Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Swamp Habitat

This Digital paint is my visualisation of a swamp habitat used as a photoshop teaching aid, I used a wide range of textures and brushes to create the rich lushness of this image..

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  1. Evening Phil,

    Tom Beg is developing some interesting digital painting stuff - he was talking to me about creating fog and smoke effects and I suggested I'd have a word in your general direction and see if I could get you to post a comment on his blog with some cunning hints and tips?

    You'll find him at www.tombeg.blogspot.com

    See you friday :-)

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  3. Yes Phil H, please give the poor boy some advice, he is languishing in a Gaussian blur hellhole. :)

  4. Hey Phil H, I remember you doing this one in class, very nice.