Sunday, 14 October 2012

Illustrated panel 2

Been playing with layering sketches and scanned elements for a while now, and have started converting experiments into finished artworks. I like the fact that in Photoshop I can endlessly layer, flatten and draw into. This style is one that will easily make it into real media, at the moment I need more space to get messy in so Photoshop is my 'clean' ideas laboratory where I can experiment quickly and freely. This needs a few more passes to disguise some of its 'Photoshopiness'..


  1. Absolutely love this Phill, it's so rich and rewarding, the colour luminous, I could live with this on my wall!

  2. Cheers Phil, must admit I'm well inspired by your recent creative outpourings. Feeling good to be getting some new images out there, plenty more where this came from, eyeing up printing options for these and trying not to rush them.