Monday, 17 December 2012

Dr Who - Cleric Wars APP game

So it's been a busy year what with the heavy freelance workload at Designworks and teaching a new set of students at UCA, commuting from my new location in Windsor. I've decided to put these images up before the year is out to show some of my favourite work I've been involved in. These feature heavily in a recently released App game for 'Character Options'. The game is called 'Cleric Wars' which is an augmented reality smart phone game. I was commissioned to create all cut visuals to compliment the voice over of this Dr Who extended universe game.. These are at a fairly low resolution for obvious reasons and are all copyright of Character Options.. Hope you enjoy.


  1. I wish I didn't ask you to post these. FML. I love 5 and 7.
    Thanks so much for sharing SOO inspiring

  2. Hey phil, these are truely awesome :D!!! any tips on how to get metallic feels in photo shop such as the second image down?