Thursday, 9 May 2013

some awesome books I own and love...

This book has proved literally irreplaceable over my years as an artist. It's full of the kinds of shapes and forms that a sculptor or artist wishes they could dream up and soon discovers they already exist in nature. I notice something new and helpful in this book every time I pick it up. It's invaluable for anyone attempting to dream up interesting shapes for just about any creative project.. Have a look for one here..
Now then, what can I say about this book..? In my opinion this one brought me on leaps and bounds when drawing and sculpting the figure from my imagination. Stan Lee, one of the original Marvel comic book artists writes in a very quirky, bizarre and witty way. Along the way he pretty much takes you from drawing a stick man in a dynamic pose to really understanding the fundamentals of sophisticated posing.. His lesson is that virtually everything you draw can be made up of four basic froms; Spheres, cubes, cylinders and cones. Drawing better in virtually no time is virtually guaranteed.. Have a look right here..
This is simply a great book to have by any artists desk, not even mentioning it's use for wanna be Arnies that want to stay away from illegal muscle building drugs. Often when sculpting dynamic muscular anatomy many artists anatomy books simply lack the 3D-ness that one needs. The illustrations  in this book are great and really visualize what's going on under the skin as a body moves. Very helpful indeed..  
The Art and Making of Paranorman is an exceptional book for anyone who likes 'art of' books. Some books of this genre can be a little glossy and contain a lot of filler in my experience. This one on the other hand is packed with so much visual material pertaining to the disciplines I'm interested in, I had to invest. LAIKA are obviously  a prolific employer of odd balls, misfits and geeks which is evident in this book, looks like an epic place to work. The quirky, speculative and eclectic nature of the preproduction art in this book really shines through into the film. Also the use of technology that simply adds to realism of the animation is beautifully imparted in this book. A very rich and image heavy book for any animation or 'art of' fan.. Check out a flick through right here... 

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