Thursday, 9 May 2013

Some digital sculpts

Amy pond from Titan publishings' Master piece collection. This is a collectable bust Sculpted in Freeform for 'Designworks'. Quite a subtle pose to capture, especially with the absence of legs. Final scale for these figures are 1:6
I sculpted this articulated 5 3/4 inch figure for Character options and underground toys. This piece was sold as an exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con with a good range of accessories and a Dalek figure. So fun to get to work on a man of Ian Mcneice's build. Got the opportunity to present a one off copy of the figure to Ian too. Thoroughly delightful man to say the least.. 
One of the perks of the job. Back stage with Ian after unveiling his action figure. 


  1. Whoa Phil, immense detail with the zips on these sculpts. They're awesome. Last time I saw you I felt a little disappointed because I hadn't had much new photo shop work to show you because of all the Maya I had been doing. Anyway I've finally had some free time to produce some work and wondered if you had a spare 5mins if you could check out my latest digital paintings? Your feed back always goes such a long way! P.S thanks for the metal tips last time really helped me out. Nice to see your work as always and take care!