Sunday, 30 June 2013

faces galore...

Still sticking to the two colours method, managing to find real freedom with the restriction, and an abundance of characters still popping to mind. Will carry on with these while I'm still working quickly. As soon as they feel laboured will move onto some new exercises.. p.s. Gimli was from memory, forgive the inaccuracy..


  1. I admire your prolific output Phill, you're on a roll with these portraits and look like you're having fun, they're so inventive and full of energy. The restricted colour palette works really well too

    1. ah cheers phil, you are right I'm having a whale of a time back in the photoshop sketching mode. It's amazing how liberating the limited colour palate can be. I reckon I learned that in part from the success of your artworks. Hope it's all going well, blogs looking fantastic recently..