Sunday, 24 November 2013

A new language..

In recent months I've become increasingly image fatigued, with the ubiquity of very high quality visual artistry accessible at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. Pinterest, google images, Behance, CG society, youtube etc all flood my head with an instant visual feast, leaving my right hemisphere  almost overwhelmed. Within this time of easily accessible high end software and access to the whole world as your inspiration, an artist needs to tread carefully to find his or her own voice, style and what makes them stand out. If indeed that is even possible these days.    

As a result I've been experimenting with Zbrushs' powerful and impressive 2.5d functionality . The aim had been to discover and unearth a visual, illustrative language that has a unique look but still using existing work from recent projects. The 2.5d brushes in Zbrush allow such incredibly quick and surprising results that I'm finding myself inspired in many directions. 

Digital art has come so far since I started out and staying fresh is something I constantly have to reassess. I've been toying with expansive worlds and a more illustrative style for a few years through sketchbooks and real media, my instincts are telling me that my digital visual discoveries need to make their way off the screen and into a fine art context. Really, this is a result of wanting my art to have some breathing space, away from the myriad of imagery online, and to take on a quality that can only come when you invite the random qualities of inks, paints, collage and oil paints. The computer allows me such flexibility for idea generation but the slow, considered physical processes are where I'm heading with great enthusiasm..     

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  1. I know what you are saying Phil. I feel the same, there is so much good stuff out there, that is now instantly accessible.
    It's difficult to find one's own voice with so many influences.
    Good luck with your fine art direction.