Saturday, 13 September 2014

Some explorations in the studio

Recently I've been lucky enough to dedicate some quality time to some explorations in my rather eccentric little studio. Nestled in the Kent country side and enjoying masses of natural light, I've carved myself out a little art den where creative things are starting to happen. While freelance zbrush work has been ticking away in the background, I'm working towards an exhibition next February in Whitstable, where I intend to show roughly ten paintings and to show some of my new sculpting work alongside. 

The essence of the way I'm approaching this is one of experimentation. I have some broad sculptural themes and ideas that I've wanted to explore for years but only this summer have I started getting messy and throwing caution to the wind, (and paint at the canvas for that matter). Above you can see some technique explorations that are going to form the basis for the exhibition work. The small sculpted heads are colour trials on a plaster head, the almost ceramic quality of the plaster is working beautifully in the flesh, simply applying black ink while the plaster is still drying and then polishing the surface 'til it almost shines. The two paintings are acrylic and still in progress.

Currently making a series of maquettes playing with dissecting the human form and employing bold colour to really grab the eye.  Waiting for my delightful 'chavant' plastaline to show up in the post so the process is well and truly underway. Also above are some recent sloppy, scratchy life drawings, again, with the intention of loosening up my style..  

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