Wednesday, 10 September 2014

some sculpture designs

These are some sketches made in photoshop to generate some ideas for some sculptures I'm working on currently. I can already see and feel how these are going to come into being. The idea of actually making some work in this style gets me buzzing.  There is as sculptor called Willy Verginer whos work I find immensly inspiring. He's a wood carver, but the way he treats colour and uses it to cut figures up to imply movement and action inspires a myriad of ideas. I've been wanting to make some medium sized sculptures using themes of technology and identity for ages. The next stage is to amp up the patternation element, using bands of pattern to draw the eye. The theme to unite this work is emerging through these skecthes and will hopefully take me away from older tired ideas. These need a few more passes to really take them past previous genericism. All an evolution.

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