Monday, 18 May 2015

Illustration 2015

This is one of a set of drawings I've been developing recently. I'm exploring the pipeline from sketchbook to finished illustration and attempting to refine my illustrative style in the process. As usual there's some weird stuff coming out in the book but I'm generally happy with how these are going. I'd so love to animate something in this style but having to force myself away from that palette in photoshop and plough on with the ideas first. The timeline can wait.. for a few weeks anyway.


  1. Tremendous Phill, so weird, but so convincing in it's own world, the whole thing absolutely cohesive, i'm envious, well done mister!

  2. Thanks phil.. great to have you stop by for a visit.. loving my new direction.. keep up the epic new work yourself by the way. See you soon..

  3. Hey Phil - this is a monstrous, tumescent, Lovecraftian nightmare! I love it! :)

    1. Thanks phil.. it is on the tumid side. Itching to see him move and drip and pulse in photoshop..