Thursday, 25 June 2015

still a student of drawing..

I started today with a little warm up sketch that got increasingly out of control and turned into this. Ive been doing lots more studying of late, as in really drilling down into some of the gaps in my knowledge. Been looking hard at some of the drawings of my concept art heroes like Izzy medrano, wesley burt and Anthony Jones to name but a few. These guys are very generous with tutorials and also just simple advice on how to really improve your fundamentals. Although I've always thought I was a student of the fundamentals I think I've allowed too many gaps to remain and this has stopped me from really exploring the work I want to make. I've recently begun to draw in a more robust studious way between freelance projects so when that next piece of work requires it I have the skills to do the job with confidence. This is about 3 hours work and the next one I fully intend to record for the blog. I think this could be useful for people just getting going as digital painters. Any comments most welcome.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Last WIP shot before completion

So, finally getting to grips with the feel of this guy. Been teaching myself all the curve functions and new tools in zbrush along the way. This is exactly the feel I was going for, the ageing punk, washed up but still holding on to the attitude and swagger.. Few tweaks to the polypainting and he's done. Boom..   

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Zbrush - Todays progress

Spent a few more hours today drilling into this guys anatomical structure and details. Starting to look as distasteful as I wanted him too. Think he's taking on the right age range I was going for too. Earlier stage was looking a bit old and weak. Just deciding on the hair but thinking he's working either way, another pass/ session and he's folio ready..