Friday, 27 May 2016

Head Maquette.

This is an idea that I've been toying with making for a while. With the lowering of costs for 3d printing making sculptural work digitally for output is now totally affordable. I'm itching to get some of these pieces printed out and then I can go to town with the decoration(painting). I often have this vision of a black and white world where uber realism appears sporadically and in patches, This idea can be pushed so so far and I'm exploring this in my sketchbooks with a view to getting these into 3D. This is a first step, and during the process I get to explore skull structure and facial details, all good.

And a little fun and experimentation that's going down a rather Clive Barker kind of a direction. Can't say I disapprove myself.

Friday, 13 May 2016

'Three Wishes' Limited edition screen print.

This is an exciting moment for me, this is the first of a series of limited edition screen prints I'm making this summer alongside my painting and sculpting. Just taken delivery of this little bundle of awesomeness. I found myself with tonnes of sketchbooks crammed with ideas going unseen and decided to convert some of my faves into screen prints. The process was surprisingly complicated  thanks to me creating an image with lots of overlapping I do.  Having got the first one under my belt with the help of the amazing printblock studio in Whitstable, I'm busy drawing up the next, with sketches to come soon. Copies of this print are limited to 25 and can be purchased here, and can be seen in a group show in Whitstable in late August at the Horsebridge art centre..