Sunday, 22 April 2018

Assassins creed figurines

Cleopatra, scaled to 84mm.

Rodrigo, scaled to 90mm

Welcome to the relaunch of my blogging life. Been off the scene for years, working on some seriously demanding sculpting projects which has taken me away from the other more practical arts I love.. I decided to immerse myself fully in the practice of Zbrush and have been able to take on some extensive figure ranges like the above pieces. These are part of an 80 piece range of Assassins creed figures I've been developing for 'Hatchette partworks'.. I'm 50 pieces in now and still loving the work. I build the figures from the anatomy up, and never use pre made anatomy or heads. This is the only way to keep your sculpting fresh and make sure the structure and pose are sound. More to come in the coming weeks.. Phill

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