Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Zbrush character study

One of a few projects bubbling away in the background, this is a development sculpt in zbrush. Fairly quick, sculpted in a few hours, one of the joys of working on lots of creative projects at once is that I rarely get bored, especially when a delightful set of characters like this need my attention. 3 more at this stage, due to post next week. Sooner or later bodies are in order, keep an eye out peeps..

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Phantom limb Pumpkin sculpt

In recent months, along side a fairly busy freelance schedule, working on some more toy prototype sculpts in zbrush I've managed to put some time aside to make some fun sculpted assets as turbosquid downloads.  I've been working alongside talented CG artist Jordan Buckner on a few sculpts to build our library under the name of Phantom Limb. Although it's early days, we have already completed 3 sculpts and have more in the pipeline. This angry chap is our most recent piece. Jordan has done a great job in taking my sculpts from nightmarish topology to fully water tight 3D assets. Also doing a brilliant job on some polypainting, additional texturing and integrated UVs. Our mini library can be viewed here

Monday, 15 September 2014

clay maquette

This is one of some pleasing little maquettes I've been using to explore themes and forms. I.m looking to combine found objects and naturally weathered materials with highly detailed sculpted form. Luckily over the years I.ve collected bags and boxes full of ,what looks like junk to the uninitiated. For me it's a treasure trove of ideas, textures and points from which to start work.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Some explorations in the studio

Recently I've been lucky enough to dedicate some quality time to some explorations in my rather eccentric little studio. Nestled in the Kent country side and enjoying masses of natural light, I've carved myself out a little art den where creative things are starting to happen. While freelance zbrush work has been ticking away in the background, I'm working towards an exhibition next February in Whitstable, where I intend to show roughly ten paintings and to show some of my new sculpting work alongside. 

The essence of the way I'm approaching this is one of experimentation. I have some broad sculptural themes and ideas that I've wanted to explore for years but only this summer have I started getting messy and throwing caution to the wind, (and paint at the canvas for that matter). Above you can see some technique explorations that are going to form the basis for the exhibition work. The small sculpted heads are colour trials on a plaster head, the almost ceramic quality of the plaster is working beautifully in the flesh, simply applying black ink while the plaster is still drying and then polishing the surface 'til it almost shines. The two paintings are acrylic and still in progress.

Currently making a series of maquettes playing with dissecting the human form and employing bold colour to really grab the eye.  Waiting for my delightful 'chavant' plastaline to show up in the post so the process is well and truly underway. Also above are some recent sloppy, scratchy life drawings, again, with the intention of loosening up my style..  

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

some sculpture designs

These are some sketches made in photoshop to generate some ideas for some sculptures I'm working on currently. I can already see and feel how these are going to come into being. The idea of actually making some work in this style gets me buzzing.  There is as sculptor called Willy Verginer whos work I find immensly inspiring. He's a wood carver, but the way he treats colour and uses it to cut figures up to imply movement and action inspires a myriad of ideas. I've been wanting to make some medium sized sculptures using themes of technology and identity for ages. The next stage is to amp up the patternation element, using bands of pattern to draw the eye. The theme to unite this work is emerging through these skecthes and will hopefully take me away from older tired ideas. These need a few more passes to really take them past previous genericism. All an evolution.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Eclecto sketchbook copies have arrived

Hello all, well my book of sketches I compiled over the course of a year has now arrived as hard, printed copies. For anyone interested in picking up a copy I've set up an easy 'Bigcartel' site which makes the process easy and quick. Please visit here and simply click on the main image to buy one. First batch is going fairly quickly but second wave will be available soon after..

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Current sketchbook work.

A few pages from my current sketchbook with a few photoshop tweeks and colour ins. Just random sketching whenever I have a spare minute..