Friday 19 April 2024

Reaching trees


Over the winter on some of my epic walks around Kent I'm struck by how much nature is offering me to paint and draw. I frequently stop and imagine how I could turn a scene into a painting. This may sound like obvious practice for a painter, but I've recently started to really focus on how the shapes and interactions lend themselves to the materials. Above is a small painting I've made as my entry to the Sky Landscape artist of the year. This is depicting the river Stour in Canterbury, somewhere that allows almost complete escape from human activity. Acrylic on canvas 40x32 cm.  

This painting was also painted in the studio, the only way for me to try and capture that stunning light pool. A dry summer pool near Blean, Canterbury. Another skeletal tree form that grabbed me, my second piece for entry into the Sky Landscape artist of the year show.  Acrylic on canvas 40x32 cm. 

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