Friday, 27 March 2015

Michelangelos David

A sculpt of 'you know who' sculpted last summer, neglected to post one of this before but better late than never. Sculpted by me in Zbrush, polypainted and topologized by jordan buckner  .Other sculpts for download can be found here.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Feb 2015 exhibition

Well, this has taken me a while to get together but wanted to post my paintings in full from a recent group exhibition I had with friends Phil Gomm and Phil Cooper in Whitstable. I've been beavering away at these studies over the winter since I acquired a truck in which to work while waiting to move house. A rare opportunity to be able to experiment and get messy for a while. I'm now packing up the truck studio ready to put down roots in Whitstable. Lucky for me my new space/ workshop is equally as inviting as this one, if a little warmer. Big thanks to Mr Louca, Mr Buckley and Mr Jones for providing great faces to paint, all good men..