Thursday, 25 August 2016

Limited edition screen prints now available..

So, the final week before I exhibit work to the public again. This year I've focused on some screen prints taking work right out of my sketchbooks and putting them into a format that lasts but choosing to print in limited editions. Been working closely with the talented Suki at the printblock
Untitled screen print. 33.5 x 42 cm. Four colour screen print available here to purchase. Limited edition of 25.
Three wishes screen print. 33.5 x 42cm, limited to 25 prints. 5 Colour print and can be purchased here.

Thought form screen print. 35cm x 35cm. 5 colour Limited edition of 25. Purchase here.

boy soldier vinyl toy collectable

Been a while since I've posted, really as a result of preparing for a group show at the end of the month. This figure above is a recent figure I've been working on commercially. I've been working closely with the urban artist Schoony, based at Elstree studios. Over the last few months this talented artist I now know well, has been uploading ideas to my sculpting brain and we've brought a few prototypes to life that are taking his well known artworks into the world of vinyl collectables. The first of which being an adaptation of his iconic 'Boy Soldier'.

This model is now in production and will be limited to 1000 units.  He stands 6" tall and has been produced in an incredible glow in the dark material. Anyone who's a toy collector or a lover of his work should see his facebook page or follow his work on instagram for news of the release.. Has been a pleasure to work with this dynamic, motivated artist. I'm currently working on an adaptation of his latest sculpture 'Bruiser'.