Friday 7 May 2021

Plein air- adaptations.

 In August 2020 I booked an exhibition space in Whitstable for March 2021, rather optimistically, considering we were looking like entering a second wave of the pandemic here in the UK. When trying to figure out what I was going to produce for the show, I started taking some trips out with the sketchbook while the weather was still holding. I felt driven under the circumstances to take every opportunity to connect with the outdoors after being cooped up for months and to bring those little escapes into my work. I made it up until mid October before my sketch days turned into 'take the camera out and wrap up warm' days. Luckily my interest in digital painting matches my passion for oil work. Apart form the upper most painting in oils, these are images I worked on from reference in photoshop back in the studio. That late autumn light in Blean Woods was quite something, here I'm focusing on the water carving its way through the woods peacefully, and how the colours of that time of year have tell the story of decay and natures preparation for the dark cold months ahead.  Everything was brown, silver, or some shade of grey. Those bright green leaves really lift those upper sections of the pieces. 


Blean woods - October 2020
Photoshop paintings 
uppermost piece, oil on board 30x30cm

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