Friday, 7 May 2021

Studies from 2020/21

When preparing for my recent show, which was so rudely interrupted by coved, I made quite a few one day paintings that were intended to occupy a kind of study corner in the show, a little nook where the style was loose and experimental. Things that were just in my line of sight on a daily basis that I felt drawn to. If you look at anything long enough, and study it with fresh eyes, there's great beauty to be captured, even the presence of a spray can, a mass produced object. Varying levels of success here, all in oils, and on board. I feel the orchid painting has something about it that's worth pursuing, something about the composition and the cutout bold shapes is unusual for me, a more flat composition defined by the bold shapes. I worked this one up quickly, always a sign I'm in the zone on a piece.. 

Tomatoes, Dendrobium Orchid, and fungi ,Oils on board
Spraycan study - 35x 23cm

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